The Only Summer Program that Takes Your Kids to the Top

The Only Summer Program that Takes Your Kids to the Top

In 1993 my parents put my 12 year old sister, center with red had, on a week-long trans-Sierra hike to Mt. Whitney with TSX Co-Founder and 5th grade teacher, Mike Murphy, far left.  What were they thinking?! As it turns out, the summer trek was life-changing.  But she’s not the only one who’s been impacted by this trek.  Over the last 20 years, hundreds of students, including more than 90 exiting the 5th grade have traversed the trans-Siera route to Mt. Whitney.  They’re a tough, smart, humble, and motivated group.

Mike and I started TSX to extend this unique experience to touch more people, especially youth. While young people have always been a part of our TSX experiences, today marks the launch of a trek dedicated to inspiring young people.

The dates are set – August 5th through August 13th, 2016. Click over and checkout our TSX Youth Trek and sign-up or share with others! Space is limited. We hope some of you can join us!

– Chris, Co-founder, TSX Challenge


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