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July 20 @ 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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Chris Casado, Co-Founder TSX Challenge


Live Zoom call, 40 minute interactive presentation, 20 minute Q&A


Co-founder of the Grand Canyon Challenge, Chris Casado has spent countless seasons camping on secluded beaches of the Colorado, dropping into remote canyon terrain, and exploring the far reaches of the Canyon’s trail system. Join Chris for a presentation of his favorite Grand Canyon backpacking adventure, a week-long 55-mile journey through remote sections of Grand Canyon National Park to the Confluence. The Confluence is where the turquoise-colored water of the Little Colorado River flows into the frigged, blue-green water of the Colorado River. Learn the nuts and bolts of preparing for a multi-day backcountry trek, including gear, permits, Leave No Trace principles, and weather and safety considerations. Find out how motivated individuals of all ages can safely and confidently venture into the rugged beauty and tranquility of the Grand Canyon.

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