Sierra Nevada and Grand Canyon Corporate Backpacking Experiences

Leave work behind and connect with people in a way that is unplugged and unscripted, while experiencing some of the most remote, awe-inspiring regions of our nation’s backcountry. Our group and corporate backpacking challenges give employees, friends and family a shared goal to prepare for, a shared physical challenge (you’re going to earn it!), and ultimately shared success. Return to work, and life, recharged with new bonds and inspiration that will last a lifetime.

We make it easy for all experience levels to participate:

Easy to join. All major gear, food, transportation etc. is provided. Just bring your personal items, and sense of adventure.

Open to all. No experience is necessary, but you must be motivated and ready for a challenge!

Convenient scheduling. Experiences are typically scheduled over an extended weekend, minimizing time-off requests.

Off-the-grid. Our experiences enable true freedom of thought (no internet, email, or cell service!), and old fashion personal interaction.

Affordable. Take advantage of significant savings with corporate support and group pricing.