Educational Programs

Multi-night immersive backpacking and environmental science education for students age 13 – 17.

Grand Canyon

History & Geology

Sequoia & Kings Canyon

Environmental Education

John Muir Wilderness

Outdoor Leadership

Inspiring the next generation of environmental stewards.

Integrating themes, labs, and curriculum into each outing, we believe better outcomes for stewardship and communication can be achieved through our experiential programs. Make a difference in your community by bringing a TSX Education experience to your High School, Club or Organization.

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Backpack the Sierra to Mt. Whitney this summer.

Looking for a summer experience this year? Learn how you can join an inspirational week-long trek across the Sierra to Mt. Whitney with TSX Challenge.

Trek dates: July 28 – Aug 5, 2023

Space is limited.

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Educators and student organizations we’ve supported.

Unifying Themes

Ecosystem Change

Engaging with ecosystems in flux, participants come to understand that climate change, both anthropogenic and natural, is real and is happening.

Ecological Methodology

Collecting environmental data through participation in longitudinal lab investigations related to biodiversity, soil chemistry, water quality, microcrustaceans, UV and glacial history.

Experimental Design

Developing an understanding of scientific processes while tapping into the curiosity and wonder of the experience to inspire new questions and explore future pursuits in the sciences.

Energy, Matter and Organization

Recognizing the role that the natural world, and anthropogenic processes play in nutrient cycling and imbalances in these cycles.

Stewardship and Communication

Empowering participants with knowledge and confidence to lead us into the next generation of wilderness stewardship.

Interactions and Interdependencies

Building a framework for understanding interconnectedness in the biological world by engaging with community dynamics, abundance and distribution, competition, and symbiosis.

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Let us help you bring the perfect outdoor education experience to your school, club or community organization. We can develop a tailored program to meet your duration, location, budget and educational objectives.


Part educator, part mentor, part superhero, meet Andy Giordano, our Academic Director, and the rest of our team.