Getting In Gear

Checklists, tips, and video to prepare you for your upcoming trek.

Download your gear checklists.

Over packing is a novice mistake that we help people avoid! If you follow our gear checklist, you’ll be well prepared with a lightweight pack. Use our checklist as a base for packing. Your team leaders will advise on items you can leave behind at your pack-check before you hit the trail.
Avoid the hassle of shopping and research. We’ve put together a list with descriptions and links to backpacking gear we use.

Train, train, train.

A backpacking trip starts long before you ever step foot on trail. The more prepared you are, the more you will enjoy it. Start by reading our training guide, “How to Train For Backpacking” to get ready for your next backpacking adventure.

Helpful gear prep videos.

See the gear we take on the trail

High end expensive gear isn’t needed to start backpacking. See what we take on the trail, and keep it simple!

How to pack a backpack

What goes in first, what goes in last? Watch as we demonstrate how to efficiently pack a backpack.

How to adjust a backpack

Getting used to a new pack is an iterative process! Learn how to adjust a pack for the best fit each time you strap it on!

How to pre-treat clothing

Participants on our Sierra and Lost Coast backpacking trips are strongly encourage pre-treat one set of clothing with permethrin. Learn how!

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It’s helpful to prepare by learning through the experience of others. Watch, listen, and read the stories of past participants on our Videos & Stories page.