Turn one week into inspiration for a lifetime

Guided backpacking challenges in the Sierra, Grand Canyon and beyond. Find your trek👇.

We make it easy to accomplish something incredible.

We take motivated individuals, band them together and enable them to accomplish something big on our guided backpacking challenges. Each experience traverses awe-inspiring terrain, completely unplugged, with a small group and incredibly passionate guides. While our treks can be intense, no prior backpacking experience is required. Just bring your mental toughness, positive attitude, and be ready for an experience that can inspire for a lifetime.

Open to all

Fit and motivated people of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels are welcome.

Easy to join

Show up with your personal items ready to hike. All major gear, food, permits, transportation and logistics are provided.

Team effort

From start to finish, each trek is a team effort. Reach goals that would be more difficult to accomplish on your own.

Off the grid

No email, no social media, no new cycle. Unplug in serious wilderness accessing destinations many only dream of.


Do something BIG. Return home with with fresh energy and inspiration to accomplish great things.

Find your perfect vacation and adventure.

We don’t do ordinary. Hear what others have to say.