Jumpup Canyon

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5 NIGHTS | 32 MILES | grand canyon
mar, APR, OCT, nov

Starts in Flagstaff, AZ

Descend into the deep narrows and slot canyons of the North Rim while exploring remote Grand Canyon terrain.


The Grand Canyon is home to many wonders, but the vast North Rim drainage system of Jumpup Canyon and Kanab Creek may be the most incredible of them all. Join us for a walk through time as we slip into the deep narrows and slot-like canyons of Kanab Wilderness and Grand Canyon National Park for a week of wonder and exploration. Camp between towering red walls, swim in hidden hollows, and marvel at the beauty of the expansive Esplanade. After a maze of travel over backcountry dirt roads, our route utilizes one of the easiest entries in to the Canyon (no ledges) before stepping off-trail and into the narrows of Jumpup Canyon and Kanab Creek. Great for all skill levels, expect up to 32 miles of hiking on this 5-night, 6-day backpacking experience.

Jumpup Canyon is the third trip introduced as part of our Grand Canyon Limited Edition experiences (2024), and utilizes the the Ranger Trail, Jump Up Canyon and Kanab Creek drainage systems.

What’s included

  • Roundtrip transportation between Flagstaff, AZ meeting point and your trailhead
  • Guided 5-night, 6-day trek through remote Kanab Creek Wilderness and Grand Canyon North Rim terrain
  • Opportunity to extensively explore remote narrows and slot canyons
  • All meals and snacks while in the back-country
  • Backpack, tent, sleeping bag and pad if needed
  • Personalized pack-check prior to departure
  • Group gear and equipment
  • Priority access to future Limited Edition experiences
  • Flexible cancellation policy
  • Inspiration for a lifetime

What’s not included

  • Lodging in the front-country
  • Meals in the front-country

How it works

A $500 deposit is required upon registration with balance due 60 days prior to event. Trek dates may be adjusted +/- one day until permits are finalized 4 months in advance of departure (when Grand Canyon permits are issued). Maximum group size of 11, including two guides. An additional 5% charge will be applied when your reservation is made to offset new fees mandated by National Park Service. Book with confidence! Review our flexible cancellation policy.


Transportation to Jumpup Canyon

Evening before departure, pack-check overnight in Flagstaff

On the evening before your trek start date, we’ll convene at 6:00pm for a one hour group orientation and pack-check in the main lobby of Little America Hotel in Flagstaff, AZ. At orientation we’ll hand out backpacks, tents and sleeping bags to those who requested them. We’ll also get to know our team, preview the trail and talk safety. If you are driving in from the West or North (i.e. California, Utah, etc.), you can alternatively plan to meet us on Day 1 at a designated meetup point about 30 minutes from Fredonia, AZ to reduce your drive time.

Hikers on Esplanade On Way to Jumpup Canyon

Day 1 – Kanab Wilderness trailhead to Esplanade (4.5 miles)

Our trailhead is located off the far north western edge of Grand Canyon National Park in Kanab Wilderness. Just getting there will be an adventure. We’ll drive 4.5 hours, including the last hour through a maze of forest service dirt roads to reach the trailhead. A late afternoon start is perfect for this trail. As the shade builds whiles the sun sets, we’ll slip into the canyon on a gentle wash and hike 4.5 miles to make camp on a beautiful layer of rock formations known as the Esplanade. This is among the easiest entry paths into the canyon we’ve ever taken. No ledges, minimal switchbacks, and teasing views with each mile.

Jumpup Canyon Narrows

Day 2 – Esplanade to Jumpup Canyon (8.5 miles)

We’ll traverse the relatively flat Esplanade as the sun rises illuminating new sweeping views of the terrain to come. After a short half mile descent we reach the floor of the inner-canyon drainage system where the remainder of the hike will be spent exploring dry and flowing stream beds, the other-wordly narrows of Jumpup Canyon, and hidden slots and hollows that most backpackers only dream about. We’ll make camp near the junction of Jumpup Canyon and Kanab Creek.

Kanab Creek

Day 3 – Jumpup Canyon to Showerbath Spring (4 miles)

Day three will be shorter mileage but variable terrain as we make our way downstream between the imposing red walls of Kanab Creek. Depending on the weather pattern and season, Kanab Creek may be full of water, requiring hiking in and out of the narrow creek beds as we playfully work our way downstream toward our camp near Showerbath Spring. .

Indian Hollow and Jumpup Canyon swimming hole

Day 4 – Layover day for day hikes, swimming and exploration

Spend time relaxing and enjoying at your pace, with time to explore the hidden swimming holes of Scotty’s Hallow, water falls, and drainages of Kanab Creek.

Day 5 – Showerbath Spring to Mountain Sheep Spring (9 miles)

Our trek transitions to working back toward the North Rim as we retrace our steps up Kanab Creek and Jumpup Canyon. Our camp selection will depend on water availability. We’ll enjoy a final Canyon sunset and night sky near the vast and open Esplanade. Sleeping out is highly encouraged! A hearty dinner with good company will prepare us for our final climb out to the Rim.

Bluff above Jumpup Canyon

Day 6 – Mountain Sheep Spring to North Rim (8 miles)

The last hiking day of this trek will feel familiar as we retrace our steps along the along the esplanade toward our trailhead on the North Rim. Upon exit, we’ll enjoy a meal as a team, then continue on to Flagstaff, or home to friends and family.


Trek date confirmation

We apply for Grand Canyon permits through a lottery system on the 1st of the month, four months in advance of our planned trek date. Permits are typically issued and within two weeks of submission. You’ll receive an email from us as soon as the dates for your trek are confirmed. Once confirmed, you can start making plans for transportation and pre-trek/post-trek accommodations.

Pre and post trek accommodations

Secure a lodging reservation in Flagstaff, AZ as soon as your trek dates are confirmed. You can request a TSX “corporate rate” at Little America Hotel (flagstaff.littleamerica.com / 800.865.1401) in Flagstaff. We will be hosting our pre-trek orientation at the hotel and will depart from the hotel on the morning of our hike (prices typically $125-$175 with discount). The nearby hotels on Lucky Lane are also a popular option and within walking distance (prices typically $75-$105).  If you plan on staying somewhere else, that is ok with us! Let us know where you end up and we’ll do our best to accommodate.


If traveling by air, Flagstaff is the preferred airport. There is a free hotel shuttle to Little America Hotel from the Flagstaff airport. If flying into Phoenix, consider taking a shuttle or bus to Flagstaff, or renting a car. Reserve your shuttle spot in advance with Groome Transportation (groometransportation.com or 928.350.8466), or book your Greyhound Bus seat from Phoenix to Flagstaff in advance. You may also be able arrange customized shuttle service with Uber or Lyft. If you are driving in from the West or North (i.e. California, Utah, etc.), you can alternatively plan to meet us on Day 1 at a designated meetup point about 30 minutes from Fredonia, AZ to reduce your drive time.

Arrival time

When scheduling flights or planning your drive, please allow enough time to arrive no later than 7pm the evening before your trek begins so that you can attend the pre-trek orientation (typically scheduled between 6:00pm-7:00pm at the Little America Hotel, Flagstaff lobby).

Departure time

We plan on exiting the trail between 10am and 12pm on the last day of the trek. However, the last day includes a long five-hour return drive back to Flagstaff. Please plan your return transportation accordingly. If flying out of Flagstaff on the same day, we suggest scheduling flights for departure no earlier than 7pm. Staying one additional night on the South Rim or in Flagstaff and departing the following day is also a popular option.


Don’t own a backpack, tent or sleeping bag? We provide all major gear for those who request it at no additional charge. We also take care of all group items like stoves, food, water filters, first aid and more. Your guides will do the cooking and dishes. Just show up with your personal items ready to hike!

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6 reviews for Jumpup Canyon

  1. Mark

    This is what I was dreaming of for retirement. While I was working I never had the time and, not even to train properly, but with all the support and the great trail guides I am able to go places and do things that I though were beyond my capabilities. Chris won’t take no for an answer. Without being pushy, just by his encouragement, he makes me feel “yes, I can do this”, and to my surprise, I can. The team spirit is incredible.
    Five trek’s and counting!

  2. Dan

    Jumpup Canyon trek was amazing! It has a (relatively) easy entrance and exit from the canyon. We spent several days exploring the bottom of the canyon. The food was amazing. The guides shared the history and geology of the canyon. Its beauty is awe inspiring! Great comradery with the rest of the folks on the trip too! Lots of laughs.

  3. Revonda

    Excellent trip! My 2nd trip with TSX. I did the Trans Sierra trip in September and signed up for Jumpup Canyon with 5 of my fellow backpackers from that trip. We became fast friends and decided another trip was a must. Jumpup Canyon did not disappoint! Sweeping vast views of the canyon from the Esplanade, the amazing narrows, and the best part was the layover day in Scotty’s Hollow. Chris and Tolman kept us well fed and motivated. You couldn’t ask for a better team to lead you through the back country. What are you waiting for? Sign up!

  4. Eileen

    This was my 2nd trek with TSX and we’re already planning a 3rd (and more). Our guides, Chris and Tolman, were exceptional. Chris is unfailingly positive, a great organizer, and knows intuitively what each person needs. He knows each person’s capabilities and limitations (often better than they know themselves) and brings out the best in each person. Tolman brings the local knowledge and so much more. He’s friendly, enthusiastic, funny, calm and confident. And what a great cook! Once again we found ourselves eating fresh vegetables 5 days into the trip! The guides skillfully and cheerfully juggled the needs of a group with diverse dietary needs and preferences at every meal.
    While this trip was smoother than the last in terms of the challenges that will inevitably present themselves, based on my prior experience on my first trek with TSX I can say without reservation that they are more than capable of handling whatever is thrown at them: weather, injuries, illness, and more.
    Go for it! You won’t regret it.

  5. Todd

    Another not to be missed TSX Challenge in the Grand Canyon. What can I say? Great food, great guides, great people, epic trip! Experience an awesome natural wonder millions of years in the making up close; camping under a star-filled night sky with rapids in the background; hiking between shear canyon walls and across vast, seemingly impassable terrain spreading out in all directions before you; soaking in hidden pools. Did I mention the shadow animals? Experience the challenge.

  6. tsx.challenge

    Did this hike with my three kids as a scouting trip in late March, early July of 2023. Ages were 14, 12 and 8 years old. This was the spring break of a lifetime, and something they will forever remember. The youngest was a champ and had no problem with the trail, despite it being her first ever backpacking trip. My oldest daughter just commented to me how much she enjoyed it, and would like to go back to the Canyon. I’m sold. Can’t wait to bring them back, and share this with other.

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