Alessandro Portante

Ciao! I’m Ale and I’m from Italy. After graduating from college where I studied physics and biology, I went to work in the film industry. Two seemingly separate paths, however my goal is to combine the two to work on nature and wildlife documentaries. Alongside my passions for filmmaking and the natural sciences, I love the outdoors and sports. In the past I’ve practiced freerunning, rowing, triathlon and powerlifting. I like trying new things and challenging myself both mentally and physically.

I came across TSX in 2018 when joined a Mt. Whitney trek as a participant. I was hooked! I’m not sure if Chris recruited me to guide, or I asked, but  we’ve kept in touch ever since and I’ve enjoyed leading these inspirational trips as a guide. I’m excited to be part of the TSX family both to share my experiences and learn valuable lessons from like-minded people.

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