A description of how the Grand Canyon was made can range from the complex to super complex. Instead of complexity, I heard the following description of the formation of the Grand Canyon by a park ranger – DUDE.


D- Deposition

The depositing of sediment in shallow oceans around 1.2 billion years ago.


U- Uplift

The uplifting of the Colorado Plateau, which the Grand Canyon cuts through.


D- Down-cut

The cutting of the Colorado River through the Colorado Plateau. For the last 6 million years, the Colorado River has cut through canyon layers to be a mile below the rim in some places.


E- Erosion

The water and wind processes that widened the Grand Canyon. As the Colorado River cuts down, water and wind continually break away the side canyons of the Grand Canyon, widening the rim to as much as 18 miles across.


There you go. Simple DUDE!