Grand Canyon Guide Resources

This page contains helpful resources as you plan and prepare for your upcoming trek. PDF files can be saved to your phone for quick reference each morning, or evening, and throughout your trip.

Operating Guidelines

As a guide, you are responsible for ensuring our treks comply with the terms of our Commercial Use Authorization Permit and run in accordance with with best practices identified in our Operating Plan.

Commercial Use Authorization PDF

Operating Plan PDF

Participant Expectations

Review our trek pages to know what participants expect out of each experience.

Grand Canyon Challenge

The Confluence

Thunder River

In addition, please review the following pages that were shared with participants to help set expectations for their experience on the trail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-Trek Cheat Sheet

Basic Interp

The following documents provide quick reference points for Grand Canyon history, geology and trail information.

TSX Grand Canyon Basic Interp PDF

Bright Angel Trail NPS Overview PDF

Escalante Route NPS Overview PDF

Hermit Trail NPS Overview PDF

New Hance Trail NPS Overview PDF

Tanner Trail NPS Overview PDF

Tonto via Hermit-Bright Angel Loop NPS Overview PDF

Pre-Trek Resources

These files will be printed and available at the office, but are provided here for reference and use in pre-trek preparations.

Pre-Trek Checklist – Master File PDF

Pack Check Guidelines PDF

Standard Menu PDF