TSX NextGen Education Experiences

Introducing multi-night immersive backpacking experiences for students age 13-17.

Since 2011, TSX Challenge has been leading inspirational backpacking treks across the Sierra for individuals of all ages and experience levels. Our appreciation of this incredible resource runs deep. It touches each of our lives on a daily basis, often without us knowing…

The Sierra:

  • Provide wonderful opportunities for recreation, and self-discovery
  • Deliver water to our most populous cities
  • Deliver energy to our homes
  • Enable agriculture in California’s Central Valley, which feeds the nation
  • Blanket our cars with ash and clouding our air with smoke…

How We Do It Makes A Difference

We launched the NextGen Education platform to make a difference. Starting in 2022 we will have two multi-night immersive backpacking experiences for students age 13-17. These aren’t your typically summer experiences. The curriculum is anchored around hands-on lab-based experiences for students who have an interest in science, the outdoors and are ready to take the next step towards finding their voice.

This program has been a long time coming.

We Need Your Help

If we are to grow this program and reach as many young adults as possible we need help from our extended TSX Community. If you see value in what we are doing there are some small actions you can take that will lead to big results.

First, help us spread the word. If you know young people who could benefit from this type of experience, please share our link via email or social media and invite them to apply for 2022.

Second, if you are connected with school districts, clubs, or organizations who might be interested in extending a next generation environmental education summer experience to their high school students in 2023, put us in touch.

Third, we are looking to connect with High School Science teachers who could help us extend this program in 2023 to more students, and participate as guide instructors.

And finally, we want to extend access to as many students as possible but recognize finances could prevent some from participating. We are exploring ways to lower costs or offset expenses with outside funding and if you have ideas or suggestions, we value your feedback.

Thank you as always for your continued support! Please checkout our NexGen Educational Programs, by visiting our site, or downloading our Course Information Packet PDF.