Between the challenges of COVID and the California fires, we’re incredibly thankful for the Sierra and Grand Canyon backpacking experiences we we’ve been able to offer this year (view team pictures here!). We have an exciting 2021 trek schedule, and now is a great time to start planning a new adventure. Below are a few updates about our experiences to get the ideas flowing:

In response to COVID and individual requests, we are launching TSX Pods, where you can customize a private TSX experience for you and your selected hiking Pod. This is a great way for friends and families to connect off-the-grid outdoors (which we know everybody needs right now!) while minimizing interactions with others. Group size starts at 4, and trip duration can be customized to fit your pace. Check it out!

The Grand Canyon Challenge has developed into a world class experience. Two years ago we began modifying our routes, pushing them to be more remote, and as a result we’ve created an experience that will take you through terrain and vistas that are sure to stretch the imagination of what most people perceive to be possible. Each trip is 4 days and includes a night (and sometimes multiple nights) camping on the beaches of the Colorado River. We are currently booking for Spring and Fall 2021. Check out our Facebook or Instagram feeds for pictures and inspiration from our last Grand Canyon trek.

This route has quickly become our guide favorite. We run a shorter 40 mile loop in early and mid-summer on a route that passes more than a dozen high Sierra lakes (swimming every day) and includes about 8 miles of exhilarating off-trail travel. You’ll experience some of the most pristine, least traveled regions of California. In the late summer (once the snow has melted), we extend the route to 50 miles and summit Mt. Goddard, which is one of the burliest, remote, and rewarding mountains to summit in the entire Sierra (10 miles off-trail).

We built TSX around this route when we started our company 10 years ago, and it continues to be one of the most epic and incredible experiences in the Sierra, if not the US, and the world. Our route across the Sierra is completely accessible to all who have the motivation and determination to reach their goal. For most people who complete this journey, it goes down as one of the most challenging, and rewarding experiences in their lifetime.

All of our 2021 trek dates are live! You can learn more by visiting our website or attending one of our free online events.