You’ll never be ready, until you’re ready

Preparing for a long run can be a lot like preparing for a long backpacking trek.

I just completed a 10 mile run this morning in Berkeley.  It’s been six years since I’ve done any type of running with distance.  Two things got me back into it.  First, I was challenged by a friend.  Its always great to have someone push you.  Second, I was mentally ready to take on the challenge, and knew I needed the exercise! I wasn’t going to let this challenge pass me up.

Jen hits above her weight and height when it comes to challenges.  Over the last four weeks she pushed me on a couple training runs, first a six miler (two times around the Lafayette reservoir), and then 8 miles on the Moraga trail, before this week’s 10 mile run.

Today’s run felt great.  It wasn’t the fastest time (1:33).  Jen was way faster by 10 minutes.  But by the time I got to mile 7, I felt like I was back in the groove!

This run reminded me a lot of the first Trans-Sierra Xtreme Challenge backpacking trip I take each summer.  I typically start my first day on the trail with some level of basic fitness, but I’m no where near where I need to be to make it all they way to Whitney.  But that’s OK!  When I hit the trail, I’m mentally prepared for the challenge, and I know that my body will respond and adjust along the way.

Usually, by day 3, I feel like I’m hitting my stride.  That was my mile 7 today.  For me, the first three miles were tougher than the last three miles.

No one is ever quite fully ready for their first TSX Challenge trek each season, but a little bit of physical and mental preparation can get you though a tough day one and day two until your body responds and you hit your stride Everyone strides at their own pace!

Here’s a pic of Jen and I at the finish line.  Thanks Jen!