The History Behind this Picture

The person who first introduce me to this route, and to backpacking, was a fifth grade teacher at Gettysburg Elementary School in Clovis, California, a school I attended for 3rd – 6th grades. Clovis is a proud community in Central California, east of Fresno, who’s boundary butts up against the foothills that lead to Yosemite,…


Cedo Nulli (Never Give Up)

One of the BEST parts of every TSX backpacking experience is the people we spend time with on the journey. For us, it’s incredibly rewarding to help people overcome challenges, and accomplish goals they might not otherwise reach on their own. This year, we were inspired by two individuals, Jan, age 76, and Claire, age 11 our…


Pass the Salt!

While each TSX experience has moments that are “pretty hard,” challenges are overcome as a team with great spirit. Get a feel for the challenge and spirit of TSX in this short 50-second video! [siteorigin_widget class=”WP_Widget_Recent_Comments”][/siteorigin_widget]

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Sharing the Truth on Mother’s Day

(by Chris Casado, Co-Founder, TSX Challenge, originally published 2019, updated 2020) It’s time to come clean. Two moms are largely responsible for making TSX a reality. I started TSX in late-2010 with the help of Mike Murphy and incredible family support. At that time, our family had two full-time working parents, two young kids under…


Keeping It Real With 30 Outtakes

Great stuff comes with backpacking the Sierra and Grand Canyon. You’ve seen the glamour shots, inspirational quotes and incredible achievements. Less appreciated (but often more rewarding!) is the laughter, sweat, tears and and friendships that build the journey of each experience. Here’s a peek into the less glamorous moments that keep it real and make…


24 All-Natural Organic Seconds

Before Tough Mudder and Spartan Races, the mountains provided the most daunting natural obstacles worth conquering.  They still do. On July 12, 2017, our first of five Trans-Sierra Xtreme Challenge teams departed for Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park. Ages ranged from 15 to 74. Click the video for a snapshot of what our first…