If you are considering a spring 2020 Grand Canyon Challenge trek with us, have friends who have expressed interest, or have already registered for a 2020 trek, please help us get the word out to sign up by November 30th. Due to Grand Canyon National Park’s permitting process, we cannot guarantee Grand Canyon Challenge trek availability for participants who register on or after December 1st. Register early to secure your dates.

How Permitting Works

Grand Canyon backpacking permit requests are due on the first of each month, four months in advance of the month you plan to hike. We submitted our March permit requests on November 1st. April permits will be submitted December 1st. May permits will be submitted January 1st. Permits submitted after the due date have a very low probability of success.

In order for us to submit a permit request, we must also submit a list of verifiable clients, which is why we are encouraging those with interest and specific dates in mind to sign up by December 1st. After permits are submitted and issued, availability becomes extremely limited. For example, we currently have less than 5 spots available on existing permits issued for March 2020 (if that’s your month, sign up while space remains).

We operate in the Grand Canyon from mid-March to mid-May, when the weather is the best. Consequently, April is the most popular month for our treks.

What We’re Doing To Help

At 8am on December 1st we’ll be submitting our requests for April 2020 permits. Each request must have a verifiable client attached, so we are in a final push these last days of November to get people signed up. To support the effort, our prices are discounted through the end of the month. Will be raising prices December 1st. In addition, all deposits made between now and December 1st will be fully refundable through December 31st.

How You Can Help

If you’re considering a trek for 2020, sign up today. If you have friends or family members considering a trek, please share this information with them, and help us get the word out. We deliver a singular inspirational 3-night experience in the Grand Canyon, and do it extremely well. All ages are welcome and no experience is necessary, but you must be motivated! While physically, mentally and emotionally challenging, the trail experience positively impacts just about everyone it touches. Thank you for helping us to change lives!

How To Sign Up

We have multiple dates for the month of April and May available. Find a date that fits your schedule and register today. Need something specific or want to arrange a private group? Contact us!

Online: https://tsxchallenge.com/grand-canyon-extreme-challenge/

By Phone: (925) 255-5065