Tomorrow we begin a series of 19 talks at REI locations throughout California dedicated to motivating and inspiring individuals of all ages to set and reach ambitious goals like summiting Mt. Whitney, or hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  You’re invited to join us! Relive the memories and laughs retracing the steps of our recent Trans-Sierra and Grand Canyon backpacking treks.  If you’re considering a trek, our talks are great opportunities to meet the TSX team and learn everything you need to know to complete a successful Trans-Sierra or Grand Canyon backpacking experience. Please mark your calendar, share with friends and RSVP today!

***For a limited time, receive a $50 gift card for REI when you register for a Trans-Sierra Xtreme Challenge or Grand Canyon Challenge trek by January 31st, 2016. Use coupon code REI2016 at checkout.***

Southern California  (Mt. Whitney Talks)

REI Tustin (January 18th, 7pm) – RSVP Now!

REI Arcadia (January 19th, 7pm) – RSVP Now!

REI Woodland (January 20th, 7pm) – RSVP Now!

REI Ranco Cucamonga (January 21st, 7pm) – RSVP Now!

East S.F. Bay Area  (Mt. Whitney Talks)

REI Fremont (February 9th, 7pm) – RSVP Now!

REI Concord (February 10th, 7pm) – RSVP Now!

REI Berkeley (February 11th, 7pm) – RSVP Now!

REI Dublin (February 13th, 9am) – RSVP Now!

North S.F Bay Area  (Mt. Whitney Talks)

REI Santa Rosa (February 16th, 7pm) – RSVP Now!

REI Corte Madera (February 17th, 7pm) – RSVP Now!

Southern California (Grand Canyon Talks)

REI Tustin (February 22nd, 7pm) – RSVP Now!

REI Los Angeles (February 23rd, 7pm) – RSVP Now!

REI Arcadia (February 24th, 7pm) – RSVP Now!

REI Santa Monica (February 25th, 7pm) – RSVP Now!

Silicon Valley, San Francisco and Central Valley  (Mt. Whitney Talks)

REI Saratoga (March 1st, 7pm) – RSVP Now!

REI San Carlos (March 2nd, 7pm) – RSVP Now!

REI Sacramento (March 9th, 7pm) – RSVP Now!

REI Mountain View (March 15th, 7pm) – RSVP Now!

REI San Francisco (March 16th, 7pm) – RSVP Now!