Pass the Salt!

While each TSX experience has moments that are “pretty hard,” challenges are overcome as a team with great spirit. Get a feel for the challenge and spirit of TSX in this short 50-second video! [siteorigin_widget class=”WP_Widget_Recent_Comments”][/siteorigin_widget]


Leave It All Behind

Meetings, social media, homework, anxiety, self-doubt… whatever’s holding you back, leave your daily hustle behind this spring and reset by spending three nights backpacking through one of the most inspirational settings on Earth. Our March, April and May 2020 Grand Canyon Challenge treks are easy to join. Just bring your mental toughness, positive attitude, and…


Keeping It Real With 30 Outtakes

Great stuff comes with backpacking the Sierra and Grand Canyon. You’ve seen the glamour shots, inspirational quotes and incredible achievements. Less appreciated (but often more rewarding!) is the laughter, sweat, tears and and friendships that build the journey of each experience. Here’s a peek into the less glamorous moments that keep it real and make…

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Grand Canyon Challenge kick-off!

Welcome spring! We can’t wait to get into the Canyon in a few short days to kick off one of the most memorable and inspirational events in the Grand Canyon state. From a shared idea between two old college friends only a few short years ago, the Grand Canyon Challenge has quickly become recognized as…

Join us at an REI near you

Tomorrow we begin a series of 19 talks at REI locations throughout California dedicated to motivating and inspiring individuals of all ages to set and reach ambitious goals like summiting Mt. Whitney, or hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  You’re invited to join us! Relive the memories and laughs retracing the steps of…


DUDE! How the Grand Canyon was made

A description of how the Grand Canyon was made can range from the complex to super complex. Instead of complexity, I heard the following description of the formation of the Grand Canyon by a park ranger – DUDE.   D- Deposition The depositing of sediment in shallow oceans around 1.2 billion years ago.   U-…