Meetings, social media, homework, anxiety, self-doubt… whatever’s holding you back, leave your daily hustle behind this spring and reset by spending three nights backpacking through one of the most inspirational settings on Earth. Our March, April and May 2020 Grand Canyon Challenge treks are easy to join. Just bring your mental toughness, positive attitude, and get ready for an experience that can inspire for a lifetime.

What you can expect

Open to all. All ages and experience levels welcome.

Off the grid. You’ll be completely unplugged.

Physical challenge. 25 miles of backpacking remote, rugged terrain.

Team effort. From start to finish, no one gets left behind.

Easy to join. You get to Flagstaff for a long-weekend, we take care of the rest.

Sign up by October 30th to secure your spot! We begin submitting Grand Canyon permit request November 1st, after which space will be limited.