2023 Snow Update

TSX Hosted Video Conference

Interactive talk on the current historic snow year, how it will impact TSX Treks and how to plan and prepare for Sierra backpacking in 2023.

Let’s Talk Gear

Not sure what to bring on your summer trek? Bring your questions and let's talk gear.

Backpacking 101

If you've never been backpacking, start here! Get a brief intro to gear, logistics and safety and get your questions answered.

Backpacking the Grand Canyon

Join us for a fun, informative digital presentation covering all you need to know to complete a multi-night Grand Canyon backpacking trek.

Fresh Backpacking Meal Ideas

Pick up some fresh meal ideas as well as tips on how to plan and prep for your next backpacking adventure.

Backpacking Gear for Beginners

High end expensive gear isn't needed to explore the backcountry. We'll show you how to get started on a budget.