Grand Canyon: Important November 30th Deadline

If you are considering a spring 2020 Grand Canyon Challenge trek with us, have friends who have expressed interest, or have already registered for a 2020 trek, please help us get the word out to sign up by November 30th. Due to Grand Canyon National Park’s permitting process, we cannot guarantee Grand Canyon Challenge trek…


Pass the Salt!

While each TSX experience has moments that are “pretty hard,” challenges are overcome as a team with great spirit. Get a feel for the challenge and spirit of TSX in this short 50-second video! [siteorigin_widget class=”WP_Widget_Recent_Comments”][/siteorigin_widget]


Leave It All Behind

Meetings, social media, homework, anxiety, self-doubt… whatever’s holding you back, leave your daily hustle behind this spring and reset by spending three nights backpacking through one of the most inspirational settings on Earth. Our March, April and May 2020 Grand Canyon Challenge treks are easy to join. Just bring your mental toughness, positive attitude, and…

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Sharing the Truth on Mother’s Day

(by Chris Casado, Co-Founder, TSX Challenge, originally published 2019, updated 2020) It’s time to come clean. Two moms are largely responsible for making TSX a reality. I started TSX in late-2010 with the help of Mike Murphy and incredible family support. At that time, our family had two full-time working parents, two young kids under…


Don’t Get The Blues Hiking In Wet Shoes

While it continues to snow in the high Sierra, now’s the time to start preparing for summer hikes. Record California precipitation means lingering snow, full streams and hiking in wet feet are near certainties. But don’t get the blues hiking in wet shoes! Get prepared to hike with wet feet and turn it into a…

Mt. Whitney: Important January 31st Deadline

If you are considering a Trans-Sierra Xtreme Challenge trek to Mt. Whitney with us in 2019, have friends who have expressed interest, or have already registered for a 2019 trek, please help us get the word out for people to sign up by January 31st. Due to recent changes in the permitting process we cannot…


Keeping It Real With 30 Outtakes

Great stuff comes with backpacking the Sierra and Grand Canyon. You’ve seen the glamour shots, inspirational quotes and incredible achievements. Less appreciated (but often more rewarding!) is the laughter, sweat, tears and and friendships that build the journey of each experience. Here’s a peek into the less glamorous moments that keep it real and make…

Friends Save 20% through October 15th, 2019

Grab a friend and sign up to join us by October 15th and save 20% on ANY of our 2019 Grand Canyon Challenge, Hell for Sure Challenge or Trans-Sierra Xtreme Challenge experiences. No coupon code is needed. Add two reservations when you sign up, and the discount will automatically be applied at checkout. We hope…


Hell For Sure Challenge Update

To our extended TSX family, I’m writing to give you an update on our latest inspirational backpacking trek, the Hell For Sure Challenge and inform you of new dates, paces, and… pack horses… for 2018! As a reminder, we launched the Hell For Sure Challenge last fall as a complement to our Trans-Sierra Xtreme Challenge…


Colby Pass History and Route

We recently discovered a Sierra Club trip report on Colby Pass from 1920. If you have hiked the route over Colby Pass, this is definitely something you’ll appreciate. Looking up at Colby Pass from Colby Lake, the route can appear intimidating. There’s no doubt certain moments and experiences from the route are seared into memory….


24 All-Natural Organic Seconds

Before Tough Mudder and Spartan Races, the mountains provided the most daunting natural obstacles worth conquering.  They still do. On July 12, 2017, our first of five Trans-Sierra Xtreme Challenge teams departed for Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park. Ages ranged from 15 to 74. Click the video for a snapshot of what our first…